Dragons Breath Fire Opal Necklace

Surrounded by morning glory vines, this dragons breath fire opal pendant shows magnificent shades of blue, violet, and pink. Connected to a silver-plated o-chain with swooping swallow pendants. Chain measures 15” in length. Sold on Etsy.


Glow In The Dark Tree Of Life Locket

When worn in the dark, this locket glows bright blue. The center of this locket features a Tibetan tree of life. Ornate engraving on the outer edges accent this piece. Hung on a 19” silver-plated ball chain. Sold on Etsy.


Yankee Brutal - Revolt
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Sacramento based punk rock foursome Yankee Brutal play fast-paced, aggressive music that make you feel "you’re not alone in this fucked up tragedy." Fueled by their distaste for the American judicial and social structure, their music inspires listeners to question authority and the politricks that surround them. 

On their debut full length album, The Everlasting GreedYankee Brutal play an intense brand of melodic hardcore that sounds something like the pissed off love-child of Strung Out and No Trigger with the social consciousness of Bad Religion. As heard on the single "Revolt," their sound is sneering melodic hardcore punk laced with furious drumming, rabble-rousing vocals, and galvanizing guitars.

This is the way punk is supposed to sound and feel. Fist.

Am I the only one here who loves Yankee Brutal? C’mon, their album The Everlasting Greed is like snorting punk-rock cut w/ caffeine. 5 stars✌️


if her legs aren’t shaking when you’re done then you’re not done


From the other day.


From the other day.

Let’s try something.


If you experience any kind of synesthesia (mixing of the senses, as in smelling color, tasting sound, seeing colors in words, etc.) reblog this post, and tag it as the synesthesia you experience (if you want). Let’s see how many synesthetes are out there!

today 'potential mate' was sitting a couple feet away from me at lunch and i couldn’t say a word

how do i say “hey i realized you’re actually super hot and would like to tap that but also cuddle ((and go on dates maybe)) so fuck me til i see stars and lets make pancakes and be silly cute in the kitchen after” in front of all his friends???


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This band is very important. 


This band is very important. 

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Death Cab for Cutie - My Mirror Speaks
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my mirror speaks // death cab for cutie

'cause i'm a man who hides from all that binds
and a mess of fading lines
and there’s a tangled thread inside my head
with nothing on either end

Frank Ocean - Swim Good
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Frank Ocean - Swim Good